Oligoscan Testing

Trace Elements & Heavy Metal Testing

A quick and painless procedure, results are processed online in as soon as 20 seconds!

Minerals are considered the “spark plugs” of life. Your body is 28% minerals and 98% of the population is deficient. Without these vital components of life, sickness and ultimately chronic disease will result. But this does not have to be the case if mineral balancing and replacement of known deficiencies is pursued.

We are proud to offer the only Oligoscan testing in the state of SC. This testing provides quick and precise analysis of essential mineral levels as well as heavy metals in the body. This information then allows for a plan to be developed to address your specific results. Why wait until a problem exists? Have your levels evaluated and begin to replace what is missing before a problem occurs.

Oligoscans test to determine concentrations of toxic metals in your body

Oligoscan technology utilizes spectrophotometry – a proven and trusted technology relied upon by laboratories around the world.  Within 20 seconds, your results are available and your plan is being made.  The Oligoscan technology has been utilized for over 20 years in Europe – and is now available in the US!

Individualized supplementation favors the optimized functioning of the body and provides for a significant advantage to remain or regain health. One size does not fit all!

Note: Your blood type must be know for accuracy. If you do not know your blood type, we can provide you with a test to conveniently and affordably obtain this information.

Contact Karen L. Gadol, PA-C, CNC, CLT to schedule your scan. We believe this information is of great importance to your long-term health.

2 thoughts on “Oligoscan Testing

  1. colleen labaff

    Hi,, I am interested in getting the Oligoscan done. How much is the test,
    I do have great insurance but if out of pocket wanted to know the price.
    Myself and another friend wanted to drive down from Wilmington to get the test done.


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