WHY SKIMP when it comes to your health?

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WHY SKIMP when it comes to your health? Remember….you, your loved ones, and your friends are always worth the money you spend on quality health care.

At the Thermography Center of Charleston, we know that your health matters and that the quality of interpretation directly determines the quality of our service. This is why Ariane Cometa, MD is a member of Electronic Medical Interpretation (EMI), a professional group of board-certified Thermologist. At EMI, only medical doctors (MD or DO) are eligible to receive the necessary education and training, which is provided by the American College of Clinical Thermology (ACCT).  Dr. Cometa reads every report for the Thermography Center of Charleston.  In fact, she is the only MD in South Carolina with this level of advanced training – able to bring to you the highest quality of service combined with expert interpretation and then the knowledge and experience to know what you need to correct or maintain your health.

meditherm man with disease

This woman has an early cancer growing at 12:00 in the left breast. Can you see it?

This woman has an early cancer growing at 12:00 in the left breast. Can you see it?

Dr. Cometa is able to combine her 20 years of Integrative Medical training with her Thermology training for those who wish to pursue this combined medical service. No other physician on the southeastern seaboard offers what Dr. Cometa provides to the southeast: Integrative Holistic Medical training, certification in Medical Thermology and providing her community with the excellence of the Meditherm2000 Infrared camera.

What do you receive when you have your Thermogram done at the Thermography Center of Charleston?

A board certified Medical Doctor of Thermology who will:

  • Interpret and Report your Thermal Images
  • Provide you with your Color Infrared Images and a Thermography Interpretation
  • Provide you with a personalized and easy to understand description of the Thermography Report which means you will understand the Thermography Interpretation
  • Be available for additional consultation services to review your health and your thermogram, if desired (for an additional cost)

A licensed healthcare professional (PA-C) and Certified Thermographer will expertly take all of your thermal images. Our Thermographer, Karen Gadol, has 17 years experience in patient care and is honored to ensure you receive the best care and attention possible. She is also a Certified Lymphatic Therapist (CLT) and provides Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) for patients who need/ desire this added level of care. This service is only available through our office and she is one of only two Practitioners in the state offering this service. Also, as a Certified Nutrition Counselor (CNC), Karen is able to work hand-in-hand with patients and Dr. Cometa to provide excellent patient care. No other office in our community offers this level of care and variety of services.

Of great importance, the Thermography Center of Charleston uses the Meditherm Med2000 system.  This is a “state of the art” camera, surpassing all industry standards. This camera is an FDA registered Class 1 medical screening device that was designed and manufactured exclusively for medical application.

For more information about why the Meditherm camera is the best camera on the market, and why we at the Charleston Thermography have chosen to use it with our patients, please see the foot note below. These details matter!

You deserve the best! In selecting the center and the professionals who will provide your testing and care, always ask: 1) What is the quality of your camera? 2) Who will take my images and what is their level of training / experience? 3) Who will interpret my images and what if something of concern is found – who will help me implement a plan?

As you choose – choose the best – choose “The Thermography Center of Charleston.”

We look forward to working with you,

Dr. Ariane Cometa & Karen


  • The Med2000 has a 20 year history of successful performance and the reliability of the Meditherm system has been proven worldwide.
  •  Built in a facility FDA approved to manufacture a Class 1 Medical Device, right here in the United States. Meditherm products are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.
  •  The accuracy and reliability (repeatability) that the Meditherm Med2000™ achieves is in part due to the efficiency of the thermoelectric cooling of the detector, (our system does not suffer from the problems of ‘thermal drift’ as do some un-cooled cameras).

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