Charleston Thermography

This woman has an early cancer growing at 12:00 in the left breast. Can you see it?

This woman has an early cancer growing at 12:00 in the left breast. Can you see it?

What is Thermography you ask? Medical Thermography done correctly with a Meditherm Infrared Camera is a digital map of your body’s cells activity visualized through heat patterns. These thermal images (heat patterns) are analyzed by a medical doctor called a Thermologist, for abnormalities (irregular heat patterns) that may signal the onset of disease in your body, such as breast cancer. The most common use of thermography is for breast health screening. In short, thermography is a tool to monitor breast health, not just a way to find disease. Is this not the true definition of “screening”; to assess the body’s cell health; and insure no potential for upcoming morbidity and mortality?

The Mammography vs. Thermography Debate– take a look at this FOX NEWS CLIP for an interesting view!


In addition to breast cancer screening, Thermography screens the body for so much more. The following is only a sampling of conditions:

  • Benign breast disease (avoid “false positive” breast cancer scares so common with mammography)
  • Early signs of vascular inflammation such as in the carotid arteries or in the veins (varicosities)
  • Sinus inflammation
  • Mouth (periodontal, teeth and bone disease) as well as TMJ issues
  • Differentiate Pain:  arthritis vs. tendonitis vs. neurological vs. vascular disorders in the upper and lower extremities, neck and spine (examples: carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, disc disease, bursitis, fibromyalgia, and nerve impingement, etc)

Early carotid artery inflammation (a precursor to plaque in the arteries)

Underactive Thyroid






The list goes on – the point is … anyone – male or female – can benefit from FULL BODY Thermography.

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