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The Connection between Osteoporosis and Calcified Vessels! Did you know they are related?

Have you ever wondered why so many aging people have calcified plaque in their arteries and yet walk around with brittle bones that are markedly depleted of calcium? Vitamin K2 is the link between these diseases. Vitamin K2 will be discussed shortly.

Healthy Bone Turn-over

Bone is a dynamic, living tissue that is continuously remodeled. As old bone is resorbed by osteoclasts (cells that break bone down), the “old and stressed” bone is replaced with healthy new bone by osteoblasts (new bone cells). DO WE WANT TO INHIBIT RESORPTION? Of course not. Say “NO!” to Fosemax! Why? I will tell you why.

Bisphosphonate drugs (e.g. Fosemax and Actonel) increase the Bone Mineral Density (BMD) of the bones at the expense of our bone quality. Such drugs reduce the activity of osteoclasts through cell death. These drugs act as an osteoclast poison. This is how the drugs slow resorption of bone. In addition, they do not increase the activity of osteoblasts (new bone cell growth). As a result, these drugs maintain “older” bone with poorer architectural quality. As old bone is NOT torn down and the osteoblasts continue to build new bone, the bone is more brittle, therefore the QUALITY of the bone will naturally be diminished and weaker.

Medical research documents that WE WANT Bone Quality, not just Quantity. The Fosemax-like drugs (Bisphosphonates) may increase BMD, but at what expense? The answer is in the value of Vitamin K2 and Strontium. Let’s start with Vitamin K2.

The Vitamin K’s
• 1929, Danish Nutritionist discovers Vitamin K1
• “K” for koagulationsvitamin
• “The clotting vitamin”.
• 1970’s, the discovery of many non-clotting Vitamin K2 dependent proteins found ubiquitously in the body, including the bones and the vessels.

Vitamin K2
How is Vitamin K2 different?

• Menatetrenone is Vitamin K2, not Vitamin K1.
• Vitamin K2 is deficient in the American diet, with only tiny quantities available in goose liver, butter and egg yolks.
• Vitamin K1 conversion to Vitamin K2 does occur minimally in our bodies. Plus, this conversion slows down with age.
• Vitamin K2 is a GREAT bone builder.
• Clinical trials have shown that Vitamin K2 provides bone protection beyond the BMD numbers.

Over the last 2 decades, randomized, controlled human, animal and in-vitro studies have consistently demonstrated that K2 supplementation protects bone health.

• Deposits bone into the bone matrix.
• Prevents prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) mediated calcium loss AND PGE2 production.
• Reduces osteoclast (cells that break bone down) formation from stem cells (but does not poison osteoclasts).
• Promotes osteoblast (new bone cells) maturation and activity through effects on gene expression.

BMD does not equal Bone Quality

• Vitamin K2 increases strength, improves the structure and boosts the mineral content of bone.
• It does this while it maintains or improves BMD.
• Women’s risk of fracture slashed with Vitamin K2 is comparable to bisphosphonates.

Bridging the vessels and the bones

Have you ever wondered why so many aging people have calcified plaque in their arteries and yet walk around with brittle bones that are markedly depleted of calcium? Vitamin K2 is the link between these diseases. Vitamin K2 deficiency is an epidemic in the country as is Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin K2 availability decreases with aging. As a result… osteocalcin is not able to bind calcium and transport it to the bone matrix. This is one reason why calcium accumulates in the arterial wall. But there is more to the story….read on!


Vitamin K2 connects them!

There are many Vitamin K2 dependent proteins.

  1. Vitamin K2 activates important proteins in the body
  2.  Osteocalcin is one of these very important proteins.
    • Osteocalcin binds calcium (once activated by Vitamin K2). Calcium from all over the body is then transported from the bloodstream into the bone matrix. Sounds pretty important to me! Vitamin K2 is nature’s calcium chelator!
    • In Vitamin K2 deficiency, not also is the important Vitamin K-dependent protein, osteocalcin, underactive, BUT so is another important Vitamin K2 protein called Matrix G1a protein. This essential K2 dependent protein is an inhibitor of arterial calcification. So, in addition to ineffective transport of calcium into the bone matrix, we cannot prevent or inhibit arterial calcification. Youch! What do we end up with?

Calcified Vessels!

Increasing evidence reveals that the Vitamin K-dependent calcification process is ubiquitous. Therefore in Vitamin K deficiency… we literally ossify the plaque of our arterial wall rather than our bone matrix!

How do we find Vitamin K2?

Vitamin K2 is rich in the Japanese diet. Natto is a traditional Japanese food. It is a fermented soy condiment. Vitamin K2 is extracted from Natto and is purified of all its soy content and grown through fermentation with the probiotic Bacillus, natto. It is very biologically active. Natto is the richest known food source for Vitamin K2. Eastern regions of Japan eat a lot more Natto. Research has demonstrated that these women, who eat more Natto, have far fewer fractures than their western neighbors. Pure Natto resources can be found in Japanese groceries. Since Natto is not available in your local grocery store, and we do not live in Japan, let’s talk about Vitamin K2 supplementation.

Vitamin K2 Dosage

  • Vitamin K2 15-45 mg daily in divided doses with meals  
  • Vitamin K2 50-100mcg daily of MK-7 form of K2 in the D Supreme and Osteoprime Ultra.
  • Don’t worry about figuring this out, because we already did at The Cometa Wellness Center Pharmacy when we put the Osteoporosis prevention and treatment program together! See these supplements and their links below!

Pure Natto resources found in Japanese groceries.
There are many reasons to address this problem naturally. The most important reason is that by naturally correcting your bone metabolism issue, you have corrected the problem. Of course the correct diet and weight bearing activity program are integral to the bone health program recommended below.

Let Nature and Lifestyle improve Bone strength. Nature addresses the age-related decline in bone formation.


  1.  A diet high in lots of fresh vegetables and lean meats is great for bone formation.
  2.  The diet should be low in sugar, soda, caffeine and NO SMOKING. These ALL leach out important nutrients or worse, poison the bone cells (osteoblasts).
  3.  Exercise: Power walking and using light 2 pound weights in the hands when you walk can be very helpful. Try to do this 30 minutes, 3-5 times a week. Exercise helps us with Proprioception, which helps with balance, coordination, mobility and strength.

Natural supplements for Bone Health

You must not be on Coumadin to follow this program.Treatment can be safely started while on your Osteoporosis medication. Available at The Cometa Wellness Center Pharmacy.

  1. Peak K2, 15 mg/capsule. Take 1 capsule twice daily with meals
  2. Vitamin D3 -Vitamin D Supreme IU. This has the essential D3 5000iu as well as Vitamin K1 and K2 right in it, perfectly balanced! Take 1 capsule daily with a meal.
  3. Well-balanced Bone mineral supplement such as Osteoprime Ultra, 2 capsules twice daily with meals.

Also, for those of you who have Osteoporosis, please add Strontium. We will review the value of Strontium and Vitamin D3 in the reversal of Osteoporosis in upcoming blogs.
AOR Strontium, take 2 in the AM 1 hour before all medication, supplements and food OR 2 before bed, apart from other supplements as possible, by one hour.

Doctor’s message:

I have been 100% successful in reversing early bone loss AND Osteoporosis with the above recommendations. Please consider how important your bone health is for longevity and quality of life as we age, and keep those bones “truckin”. Now, you also know that when the calcium is correctly deposited into the bones with the assistance of K2, you are also keeping calcium out of the vessels! Strong bones and healthy vessels only lead to a healthier you!

To our investment in Health and Wellness!


Dr. Cometa, the holistic doc