Holistic Integrative Medicine

Welcome to the Holistic Integrative Medicine practice of Ariane Cometa MD.

The first visit the patient and I have together is quite long. This initial 1 ½ hour Wellness visit is our opportunity to explore what your goals are and how we will set out to achieve them. Don’t be shy! We have no limitations! As a Family Medicine doctor I am trained to medically manage the whole family AND the whole person. When we then add the holistic approach towards your care, we further broaden our horizons and avoid medications. Nutritional medicine (to include both nutritional counsel and supplements) and Herbal Medicine are often utilized in my Integrative Medicine practice. I have a Natural Medicine Pharmacy at our fingertips which I have researched and created over the past 20 years. Many medications are replaced and medications are completely avoided otherwise with this holistic pharmacy. I am also honored to now work directly with Tiffany Jackson, ND of EcoHealth Wellness Center & Detox Spa in Mount Pleasant.
Bioidentical Hormone prescribing is also available to my patients. When desired by the patient and both appropriate and safe to prescribe, Bioidentical and natural hormone prescribing in my practice includes but is not limited to estrogen/progesterone/testosterone replacement, thyroid and adrenal support and prescribing.
If and when you have made an appointment, you will receive a New Patient packet by email. Take your time and be thorough with this paperwork. Bring it with you to our first visit. We will review this together and incorporate it into your personalized Wellness Program as we create it! The Wellness Program is goal oriented, so it is important to know and remember that we can accomplish a lot together as a team, so do not limit yourself!
Follow up visits in Charleston are available on a monthly basis. I am also available for questions regarding your program through my office email when we are between our appointments. I especially expect questions after our first visit together. This email service is free. Questions regarding the current program are welcomed. Medical management itself is not best done through email as it is not thorough enough for me! If necessary, I will let you know when questions asked through the email are to be best handled in person together at an appointment.

Thermography Services
If you choose to use the Thermography Services I have brought to Charleston, I am providing free Thermography consultation services to my new patients in the Charleston area. If your thermogram is done prior to our visit, I will not only provide you with your Thermography report and personalized explanation of what was found, BUT I will review this in entirety with you at our visit. We will then incorporate each element of the thermogram that needs attention and treatment into your Initial Office visit. I will extend your visit to 2 hours, to allow us to do this. There will be no additional charge to provide these extra Thermography review services to you at your Initial office visit. The Thermography itself is a separate visit and charge. If the Thermography is done after our initial office visit, I will again, provide you with your Thermography report with the personalized explanation AND we will review the thermogram together at your next (follow up) visit. We will add time to our follow up appointment with no added charge to do this Thermography review.

• Initial Office Visit (to include the Thermography report review or not)
This visit is 1 ½- 2 hours and the visit will cost $400.00. Most medical insurance companies reimburse patients well for our visits together. I submit each of our visits together through my office to your insurance company and my staff works very hard to get your visit cost reimbursed to you or at least towards your deductible. We do this as a courtesy. 
Follow up visits together are usually $225.00 for 60 minutes.

20 thoughts on “Holistic Integrative Medicine

  1. Tammy williams

    I was diagnosed with MS almost two years ago. My neurologist recently let me go as patient because I didn’t want to do conventional medicine. Do you treat MS patients and if so what sort of treatments are you using?
    Thank you

    1. integrativemedicinedoc Post author

      Thank you for reading our blog. I work with MS, Parkinson’s and many other neurodegenerative diseases NATURALLY. It would be my pleasure to work with you. Let me know, if you would like to learn more 🙂 Dr. Cometa 

  2. Angelica Cortes


    I’m curious as to whether you do food allergy testing. Trying to figure out what’s going on with my gut.

  3. D. Smith

    Do you work with cancer patients? My husband’s prostate cancer has returned and we are looking at hormone therapy but are very interested in approaching it from a nutritional standpoint. Juicing, no meat, no dairy, no added sugar.

  4. Shannon

    Do you see children? I have a five and almost three year old that have gut issues and need to be allergy, parasite, tested overall gut health.

  5. Tina

    Hello, do you work with the thyroid issues and alternatives to synthroid/levothyroxine such as Armour, NP Thyroid, and T3 meds like Cytomel?

    1. integrativemedicinedoc Post author

      Hi Teri,
      I use Elisa testing for the food allergy testing or the Leap MRT testing with Oxford Labs. The thermography pricing is best answered with the thermographer, Karen Gadol. I will have her email you! Please feel free to let me know if you have any more questions!!

      Dr. Cometa


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