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About Dr. Ariane Cometa

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Professional Background

Dr. Cometa is a board certified family medicine physician who likes to treat not only the whole family, but also the whole patient. Her training as a conventional medical doctor alongside her extensive holistic education enable Dr. Cometa to treat her patients however they need to be treated. She likes to consider a visit to her office more than a visit with the doctor—it’s a visit with your partner in health, who cares about you and understands your needs.

Dr. Cometa holds an extensive medical background, with more than 20 years of practicing patient care. She graduated from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia in 1992, and went on to do her medical residency training in family medicine at the Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine from 1992-1995. She immediately began to blend her training in complementary and conventional medicine into her integrative medical practice in 1992, while in private practice in York, Maine. When she and her husband, also a physician, moved to the Baltimore area in 1998, she became an attending physician with The Greater Baltimore Medical Center. Today, Dr. Cometa is the founder and owner of The Cometa Wellness Center, which she originally opened in 2000. Dr. Cometa is also proud to have brought her integrative medical practice as well as her Thermography practice to the Charleston, South Carolina area in 2013.

Of course, what makes Dr. Cometa unique is not her background as a medical doctor, but rather her integrative and holistic approach to medicine and patient care. Dr. Cometa has spent years studying nutritional medicine, homeopathy, herbal medicine, and bio-identical hormone prescribing. Some of her earliest mentors were and remain today, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. David Pearlmutter, Dr. Jonathan Wright and Dr. Patch Adams. Dr. Cometa has worked with these and other exceptional holistically-minded physicians during her residency and medical training, and they provided the inspiration for the holistic and integrative approach Dr. Cometa takes today.

Dr. Cometa’s Integrative Approach to Wellness

Medical ailments are often symptoms of more complex problems—our bodies’ ways of crying out for help—and for patients today these cries for help oftentimes go ignored. In our healthcare system today too many patients are caught in an unfortunate dichotomy between the “conventional” and the “natural” doctor. This unlucky individual finds that the conventional doctor prescribes pills which treat her symptoms rather than her problems—pills made to silence her body’s cries for help without treating the very issues her body was asking her to address. Naturopaths and alternative doctors, on the other hand, while generally well-intentioned, often lack the medical training and access to resources (prescription medications, access to lab and blood work) that they need to fully understand and address a problem. To make matters worse, a tremendous gap exists in America today between these two professions: medical doctors prescribe medication because that’s what they’ve been taught to do, and naturopaths—too often shunned by the “professional” medical community today—are sometimes unwilling to relinquish control of a patient to medical professionals when help is needed beyond what they can provide. It’s an imbalanced environment for healthcare right now, and one in which the patient suffers.

Dr. Cometa aims to bridge this gap between the natural and the conventional doctor. As a patient of Dr. Cometa’s, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest possible standard of professional medical care and treatment from a doctor who cares about your well being. This typically starts with an individualized wellness plan: a long-term and holistic dietary, supplemental, and lifestyle plan that outlines healthy habits which will work for you. Through this preventative approach Dr. Cometa hopes to help you eliminate unhealthy choices which could lead to health problems before those problems have the chance to manifest. In addition to your wellness plan, Dr. Cometa has at her disposal her natural medicine pharmacy: supplements Dr. Cometa has personally researched and chosen due to their high quality and proven scientific results. Finally, as a licensed and long-practicing medical doctor, Dr. Cometa has the resources available to conventional medical doctors that Naturopaths do not have: she can write prescriptions, order blood work and other lab tests, has a network of other specialized doctors she likes to work with, and is happy to assist you with any of your medical needs.

We hope you’ll consider Dr. Cometa as your partner for your journey towards wellness, and we look forwards to helping you on your path in any way we can.


Dr. Cometa and everyone at Charleston Integrative Medicine

22 thoughts on “Dr. Cometa

  1. Catherine August

    My husband and I recently moved to charleston. I have been seeing a holistic practitioner and he is still seeing conventional doctors. I am interested in finding out more about your practice as we both need someone to go to here. I have been trying to get him to “come over with me”, but, he has had severe allergies and asthma since childhood and is afraid to break away. My hope is to find someone here that can start out “regular” with him and gradually bring him over. He will not want to sign up for an expensive health “plan” as I am finding the other places want to do with new patients their first visit. This will scare him off. Can Dr. Cometa start seeing him as a conventional doctor would do first? I am anxious to find someone for both of us! Thanks so much!

    1. integrativemedicinedoc Post author

      Hi Barbara,
      I submit visits to all insurance companies for the patient reimbursement and ask that all patients pay me at the time of service. I look forward to hearing from you if this will work for you!

      Dr. Cometa

  2. Tatiana

    Do you ever treated kids with adenoids that are inflammated ?! I just finish a treatments with conventional medicines but I think I need to treat her more. Please let me know.

    Thank you

  3. Christy Judy

    My son who is 22 has had severe, incapacitating migraines since he was about 12 and have gotten worse. We have seen conventional neurologists who have just kept experimenting with meds – verapamil, norvasc, imitrex, fioricet, etc… do you treat migraines?

  4. mary

    Hi! Could you help me with my thyroid disfuntion? I have read about AIP, do you use this kind of approach for the treatment? THANK YOU

  5. Elizabeth Harrelson

    My son has celiac disease which is well under control but he still suffers with gut problems and fatigue. Is this something you might be able to help with?

    1. integrativemedicinedoc Post author

      Hello Elizabeth,
      I would be honored to work with your son and believe that I can be quite helpful. I have emailed you.
      Let me know if you want to schedule an appt for your son!
      Dr. Cometa

  6. Susan Ridgeway

    Diagnosed. Type 2 Diabetes. High Cholesterol. Elevated Triglycerides.
    Prescribed Statins. Metformen.
    I want to turn it around! I would like an assessment. And treat as naturally as possible.
    Thank you,

  7. Joni noble

    Hello, I have recently been diagnosed with stage 1 uterine
    Cancer. I have always tried to use natural alternatives
    Instead of Rx meds. I was referred to a MUSC oncologist
    I was told I needed a 6 hour surgery then chemo or radiation. I was never ask how I felt about this, just scheduled. After much research and thought I cancelled the
    Surgery. I have been using many alternatives that have
    Some proven success, one being Ellagic Acid from a clinical study at MUSC . My original symptom prior to diagnosis was heavy bleeding and large blood clots. This has all stopped since I have started alternatives. I have no doctor to follow my progress and help me treat this as naturally as possible. Would you be open to treating me on this journey? Thanks, Joni.

  8. Susan S Brown

    I am a 72-year-old woman, nutritionally disciplined, fit healthy and active. For 20 years, I took Tofinil/Norprimine for depression. It worked extremely well. Then, because of a rare side effect, I had to stop those drugs 2 years ago.

    I have since taken and withdrawn (with great difficulty) from Effexor, Cymbalta and Zoloft because of severe headaches. I am currently taking Wellbutrin and Remeron with better success.

    To complicate matters, i was diagnosed hypothyroid nearly a year ago, and was prescribed Synthroid. I still struggle with several hypothyroid conditions: brain fog, memory loss, hair loss, being cold. I do not have weight gain or low energy. I’m concerned that the antidepressants may be interfering with the synthroid. Ditto certain foods.

    I am open to considering older, natural drugs that provide both T3 and T4. Is this an area in which you are accomplished?


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