About Us

Welcome to the Holistic Integrative Medicine practice of Ariane Cometa MD. Dr. Cometa has brought her Integrative Medicine and Thermography Center from Baltimore to Charleston SC to serve the amazing community of people so invested in their health in the greater Charleston area. As a board certified Family Medicine Physician, Dr. Cometa treats not only the whole family, but also the whole patient.  The integration of conventional medical training and complementary medical education, provide Dr. Cometa with the flexibility to structure each patient’s medical experience to meet their individual needs. She likes to consider a visit to her office more like a visit to your partner in health and a supportive environment to create your own Wellness Program.

1 thought on “About Us

  1. Anne Hook

    I have recently been diagnosed in the very early stage of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. I’m not even symptomatic. My latest WBC is 16 with smudge cells. My RBC test is normal and my CT scan normal. Is there something natural I can be treated with to keep this from getting worse or better yet, cured.


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